Virgin Atlantic On Demand Webinar

Having happy, fulfilled employees is good for business, especially after years of challenges due to COVID-19.

After two years focused on survival, Virgin Atlantic is now looking to the future. Learn from Virgin Atlantic's success story and discover how CoachHub can help transform your organisation.

Register for our on-demand webinar (taken from Kerry Isherwood's inspiring Keynote at UNLEASH 2022), and embark on a transformative journey today!


In this on-demand webinar, we explore how Virgin Atlantic revolutionised the performance of their leadership team, driving growth and fostering a culture of excellence on their journey to become the World's most loved travel company.

Throughout the session, you will gain valuable insights into the strategies employed by Virgin Atlantic's leadership development team and the role that CoachHub played in their transformation journey. Kerry discusses the following key points:


Key Takeaways:

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Identifying Challenges: We delve into the challenges faced by Virgin Atlantic post-pandemic, including managing a dynamic and competitive industry, leading through unprecedented change, and nurturing a high-performance culture. We explore how these challenges prompted the search for a transformative solution.


The CoachHub Partnership: Discover how Virgin Atlantic partnered with CoachHub to implement a cutting-edge digital coaching program. Learn about the features and benefits of the CoachHub platform, including its personalised coaching approach, flexibility, and accessibility.


Results and Impact: Gain insights into the tangible outcomes achieved by Virgin Atlantic's leadership team through their collaboration with CoachHub. We highlight improvements in key performance indicators, employee engagement, and overall leadership effectiveness.

Register today for this unmissable chance to hear how Virgin Atlantic are democratising coaching to fuel their performance for 2023 and beyond.