State of coaching

Thriving organizations start with thriving employees

Shifting workplace dynamics and unprecedented world events have heightexaned the need for a transformational approach to work.

What you'll learn:

  • How recent events have heightened the need for a transformational approach to work
  • The difference between mentoring and coaching
  • How high quality, scalable, coaching can help you build a thriving organization
  • Why it's important to invest in each employee at all the moments that matter in their journey.

About the speaker:

Liz Pavese, Ph.D., is the director of behavioral science (N. America) for CoachHub, the leading global talent development platform. At CoachHub, Liz marries her expertise in organizational psychology, employee experience and organizational development to close the gap between coaching research and practice. Prior to CoachHub, Liz’s work as a director of organizational development, external talent consultant, and leader in HR tech has centered on supporting organizational transformation through building employee listening strategies, assessing and supporting culture transformation, transforming performance management, delivering 360-degree feedback programs and designing talent reviews and succession planning.