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How Coaching Can Accelerate Development of Women Leaders

Women continue to be severely underrepresented in leadership roles at most employers, the latest Brandon Hall Group research shows.

Though 75% of organizations say women are included among their top internal succession candidates for C-Suite roles, two-thirds of organizations have 20% or less of their C-Suite comprised of women and half have fewer than 20% women as senior leaders.

While employers can deploy several strategies to address this inequity, coaching is particularly effective by providing a contextualized and personalized experience for women seeking career growth, as well as managers who are responsible for developing them.

In this webinar, Leslie Tedgui, VP of Marketing & Global Brand Director for CoachHub, Wilma Li, a certified executive and leadership coach working with CoachHub, and Claude Werder, Senior VP and Principal Analyst for Brandon Hall Group, will explore how coaching addresses the systemic barriers that have historically limited women’s abilities to advance in the corporate world.

You will learn how Woodward, a manufacturer of energy control and optimization solutions for aerospace and industrial markets, prepared women for leadership through customized, one-on-one coaching. You will also hear how coaching can give women:

  • Tools to become more proactive in seeking opportunities to develop and grow by developing their executive presence, influence and network, their political skills and management of upward relationships.
  • A strengths-based approach to their work that helps recognize and leverage their talents while maintaining awareness of areas for development.

Coaching managers is also important by helping them adopt an inclusive mindset when evaluating their team members and developing a “leader as a coach” mentality.